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Welcome! You've probably discovered this site because you're interested in building and maintaining a great body, right? Well, you've certainly come to the right place. Bookmark this website now as your ultimate fitness and natural bodybuilding resource!

Here at NaturalMuscle.co.uk you can find everything you need to know about how to get in great shape, whether your goals are to build muscle, increase strength or lose fat. What separates us from other websites is that we're 100% dedicated to promoting a drug-free lifestyle. No steroids, no performance enhancers, no cutting agents. We show you exactly what can be achieved by training hard, training smart, and applying a sound diet. Given enough time, we believe anyone can build a strong, muscular and lean physique - the healthy and natural way. Thanks for checking in we'll leave you to explore!

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Jon Harris
Natural Muscle Editor

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Jon is a lifetime natural bodybuilder from Leicestershire in the UK. He is a 4 times British Champion and former WNBF Overall Pro World Champion. Jon set up Natural Muscle in 2007 with the goal of promoting drug-free fitness and bodybuilding in Britain and overseas, and to give athletes a platform to share views and knowledge online. He is the author of Pro Natural, a book dedicated to drug-free bodybuilding, and also the instructional training DVD Self Built, filmed shortly after he won the WNBF pro world title.

To find out more, visit his website at www.jonharris.com