WNBF and UKDFBA Figure Champion
Maria Giordmaina

Exclusive to Natural Muscle

I have always been a sporty person and into fitness, and have tried a lot of things from horse riding, swimming, cross-fit to mountain and road biking.

My love of lifting started in 1995 because of the TV programme Gladiators. Back then I was the only girl lifting weights, but I did not care. There were two retired bodybuilders that allowed me to train with them. They taught me different training techniques and introduced me to Arnold Swninner.

I have just finished my 4th season competing with the UKDFBA in the Masters Figure Category. What a great unexpected season I had.

In 2017 I qualified for the UK finals were I placed 5th.

In 2018 I qualified for the UK finals and did not place. I walked away from that finals pleased with my physique, but confused and disappointed.

For some people that could have so easy been the end, but I love this sport and I was not willing to give up on something I am so passionate about. I changed my mindset and this year I was on the stage just for the reason that I love it.

The goal I set for this season was to get an invite to the UK finals. In my eyes I needed to improve myself, whilst enjoying 90% of the process of living the life of a figure girl. Also I needed to learn things that were going to improve me as a person and a PT, and have fun on show day.

On the day of the UK finals, everything I could achieve would be a bonus, as I placed no expectation on myself. I was there to do my best and just enjoy the whole day.

Well, what a shock the outcome was. I had no idea I'd won until they called my name and announced me as the 2019 UKDFBA UK Masters Figure Champion.

I then had to go back on stage with the Open Figure girl winner for the overall. It was a shock once again as I was awarded the win and became the UKDFBA Overall Miss Figure Champion, with an invite to The Worlds in New York in 4 weeks time.

What a privilege and honour to stand on that World stage. I worked so hard to bring my very best, not just for me, but every one of the Masters girls that entered the qualifiers in 2019.

I feel like I had done my best and did not care what happened in terms of placing. They could have called me out last and I would still have been so proud of myself.

I was so excited from the moment I arrived at Heathrow airport, and met up with the rest of the UK team. My plan was to make the most of every minute of my time with them.

Show day was amazing. I never get nervous before I go on stage, I just love it. That World stage in New York was bigger than anything I have experienced in the UK.

As it turned out I won the WNBF World Masters Figure class with an invite to take a Pro Card.


I lift weights 5 or 6 days a week throughout out the year. I love the feeling I get when I'm lifting. I also love being strong, and of course the shape it has given to my physique. I like to visit one or two different gyms each month for a change of scenery, different atmosphere. Any excuse for a road trip!

Cardio is kept to a minimum in the off-season. I tend to start incorporating it into my plan around 24 weeks before the show. Most of it is done outside, either hiking or mountain biking. I love the outdoors and nature. Doing cardio like this suits me and I really enjoy it. This year Dave and I bought a motor home and we went away most weekends mountain biking. It was really handy having the motor home as we had all the cooking facilities I needed to keep to my nutritional plan.


When I first started competing I had been a vegetarian for 30 years, so I was not eating a typical bodybuilding diet. However, near the end of the 2017 season my body was craving fish, which I found very strange as I have never eaten fish, and so don't even know what it tastes like! Once the season was over I started adding many types of fish into my diet.

When it comes to training and nutrition I like to keep things simple, and just do things I enjoy.

Since the Worlds I have been simply overwhelmed with all the nice messages I got from people I know, and even more overwhelmed from people I do not know. They were either at the UK finals, World finals or watching the live stream from home.

The experience I had with the UK team in New York was priceless, I could not have bought it. I was there because of Lee, Amy, the UKDFBA team and their sponsors.

I was also there through sheer hard work, and I was never willing to give up!