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Author Topic: Newbie to the scene  (Read 929 times)
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« on: January 01, 2012, 11:09:00 AM »

Hi guys

Just want to introduce myself really.

I've been back training now for 1 year after a 15 year brake from the sport. I'm Mark, 46 years old now and loving being back in the game. All I can say is that the advances in food and nutrition are amazing.
Anyway 2nd of Jan last year I was 19 stone give or take a pound or two, but now I'm sitting on 14 stone 4 pounds. Happy with the weight lost, strengh and muscle gains I've made and completely new body shape. I live on the Isle of Wight and have been training with the Abdominator for about 4 months now. Anyway somehow I've been talked into competing in May2013. Abdominator has been a great help and is very technical and knowledgable in his approach to the sport. So my plan is to get as lean as i can, cutting up with him for this May but not competing myself, then from May onwards to January 2013 try and stay quite lean and gain as much muscle as i can without to much fat gain. Then all going well at the age of 48 compete in the May after another 20 weeks of getting cut.

Still dont want to put a profile pic on here yet as I'm not in the same shape as you guys, but hopefully i wont feel so embarassed in 20 weeks time and will put photos on. I'll put our training routine down in the next few days and my currant diet and would be greatful if you would all look over it for me and give any advise you can.

Many thanks guys
Mooseman ( Mark ) Grin
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