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Author Topic: My Curry  (Read 5108 times)
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« on: September 14, 2012, 12:03:42 PM »

This is a great virtualy fat free and sugar free curry.

Chop an onion.
Pan with a tiny miniscule dribble of olive oil and heat. Boil kettle.
Put boiling water in with oil and then cob the onion in. They are being blanched.
I normally have cooked my chicken breasts (2)before (but you can do this now) - break into small pieces with fingers and throw in pan.
Take 3 heaped tablespoon sharwoods mild curry powder spinkle and stir all together with wooden spoon.

Add more water.
Quarter one tomato and throw in the 4 quarters.
Add 2/3 table spoons gran massalla and stir.
add 1 chopped potato

May need add more water.
Optional throw in chicken stock cube. - recommended or if not atleast add some salt

Ok  the flavour isnt there yet, so you have 2 options:

1) you can add 2 tablespoon mango chutney - i.e lots of sugar and stir BUT..we dont really want to do that so the prefered option is:
2)add in 4 sweeteners and stir --- then taste... if its not tasting right add in a few more sweeteners until get desired taste.

Add broccoli after you trun the heat off so that it is partly cooked (and nutrients kept)
Stir and put the lid on, heat off and let it cool for 15 mins odd.

This is my low fat low sugar option (not bad at all and very nutritious)
I can cook some absolutely bostin curries but they contain alot more ingredients that are not condusive to BB'ing.
Hope this helps quick way of stopping chicken tasting boring and dry. Use curry powder rather than paste as the paste is just full of oil - which we are avoiding and using water instead.

Happy days

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