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Author Topic: Journal backup and data security  (Read 13178 times)
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« on: June 03, 2013, 10:53:17 AM »

At Natural Muscle we take data protection seriously.

Therefore I would like to remind people about backing up the content on their journals. Whilst the data on the server is backed up regularly, it can only be restored in whole for the entire forum. So if an individual's data is lost, then it cannot be easily gotten back. This may happen if someone decides for example to delete their own posts, or in the more severe (and rare) case of someone's account being closed.  

The thing to remember is that the forum is not a permanent and guaranteed storage device. So please consider backing up the content of your journal (and other postings on the forum) on a regular basis, if the information is particularly valuable to you.

On a similar note, please consider the nature of the content you're posting, which should be appropriate for the forum. Natural Muscle reserves the right to remove material that may be deemed offensive. Also, be very cautious about revealing confidential, personal or sensitive information to others.

Further information can be found on the Registration Page
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