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Author Topic: Ben's road to the 2018 UKDFBA Pro International  (Read 212309 times)
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« Reply #1305 on: August 04, 2018, 06:19:57 PM »

Yes Iíve found this too over the years rich, regarding higher frequencies , if I trained that frequently I would either have 2 different upper/lower workouts and cycle through them or cycle a 3 day split like legs-push-pull 5-6 days per week , both would work great
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« Reply #1306 on: August 09, 2018, 05:45:53 PM »

Hi Ben!

How often do you do HIIT per week?
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« Reply #1307 on: August 11, 2018, 05:45:59 PM »

Hi mate, I do HIIT 1-2 per week, and use it to keep Fitness levels high, more so than daily calorie burning, as it takes a lot out of you, I would suggest 1-3 sessions per week depending on goals and current condition  Smiley


Overall a tough week of prep with a training day at work Monday which turned out to be very physical setting up new classes at the chain of gyms I work for, we practically exercised for hours and felt done in after a 5am Upper session.

Equally each day Is fatiguing now, I know this is right at 10 weeks out things hurt abit which is fine, 1 day at a time

Mon 6th aug- upper

4x6-8 bench 110kg 8,7,7,7
4x6-8 barbell row 112.5k 8,8,8,8
3x8-10 standing press 65k 10,9,7
3x8-10 pullups +15k 10,10,8
3x8-10 dips +50k 10,10,9
3x10-12 ez curl 45k 12,11,11
3x10-12 laterals 20k 12,12,12
3x10-12 skullcrushers 45k 10,9,7

A good solid session holding strength nicely as fatigue builds and weight drops

Wed 8th aug- lower +HIIT

4x6-8 squat 160k 8,8,7,7
4x6-8 deadlift 180k 8,8,7,7
3x8-10 leg press 360k - 12,11,11
3x8-10 Seated leg curl 82.5k 9,9,8
3x8-10 leg extensions 102.5k 12,10,9
3x10-12 calf press 200k 12,11,11
3x10-12 hanging leg raises 10k 12,12,12

15min HIIT Xtrainer level 15 45s / level 25 15s X15 - brutal!

Happy with this session was feeling tired today but once I was warm all started firing and got through it! Fatigue was high Thursday but kept activity high as I do every off day

Fri 10th - upper

Bench 120k 7, 100k 12
Barbell row 120k 7, 100k 15
Incline bench 100k 7, 80k 12
Pulups +20k 13, BW 23
Seated press 80k 8, 60k 12
V pulldown 125k 7, 115k 10
Dips +60k 9, +40k 14
Db curls 25k 9, 20k 12
Laterals 25k 12, 20k 17
Hammer curls 25k 10, 20k 13
Pushdowns - 52.5k 15,10

Got to train with an old friend and training partner today so not my usual session but enjoyed the intensity and challenge

The weekend will consist of dog walks and family time - baby #2 could arrive any day now!

Weighed in thismorning at 76.9kg so weight stalled and from today taking 25g rice and 50g sweet potato daily (30g carbs), I know I may have to get aggressive with diet to bring it in 10 week on the pro stage - then so be it!

Current macros from today 175p 285c 56f

Usual Sunday refeed tomorrow of 185p 415c 67f - then itís time to dig a little

Looking forward to bringing the condition fullly in now and seeing progress from the last 2 years of heavy training - sitting 7lb above previous top condition so 0.5-1lb per week to come off
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« Reply #1308 on: August 12, 2018, 09:39:29 AM »

Hey mate, what is the reason for the refeed?

I ask as I look at your numbers for each day and they are still a decent amount of food going in at 2350kcals so I cannot imagine you are depleted and there being any physiological need to have a higher day and I do not believe there is any research showing that one day of higher eating has any benefit except possibly mentally.

The refeed day puts you up to 3000kcals on that day and actually makes the average of the week 2450kcals. I guess it is preference and hitting the same weekly numbers for the same result but if you took the refeed out, it negates any need for reducing the daily rice and sweet potato, makes the diet seem less aggressive potentially. I do know most like the 6 low days to give the refeed day though, just more I think about it, I feel sustainability and adherence may be best served by not building up any hunger through simply whacking the refeed on every other day for a higher every single day intake.

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« Reply #1309 on: August 12, 2018, 03:21:07 PM »

Hi pal good question,

Serves a couple of purposes.

1) mentally - Iím not a fan of cheat meals but this serves the same purpose for me with no negative effect on cravings/bodyweight spike etc that a binge may trigger.

2) physically, Iím definitly Stronger the day or 2 after the refeed, feel refreshed and helps retain strength. Iím definitly stronger and holding strength this prep, and put myself in a good position early on, so digging a real hole isnít really needed (yet)
Although my kcals are just under 2450 that is very low for me and definitly feel flat, fatigued and depleted by the end of the week.

Think the take home message is just do what works for you at that given time, thereís a lot of ďresearchĒsurrounding refeeds/cheat meals/ high carb days, I guess what I do is counted as a high carb day.

Last prep I had a ďrefeedĒ MEAL and served the same purpose but I feel this is better mentally spreading the refeed across all the meals

Iím open minded though and if I need to cut kcals later on and feel the only place is the refeed day, then so be it, but so far lost 6kg with 3kg left to go so If it ainít broke I wonít fix it

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« Reply #1310 on: August 12, 2018, 06:30:23 PM »

I get you mate, I think it is definitely more a high carb day than an actual refeed day and if it is giving an enhanced energy and performance in subsequent days, that is a real tangible benefit.
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« Reply #1311 on: August 13, 2018, 07:32:21 AM »

Yes mate, something to stop me having any thoughts on cheat meals too, not only from a physical but more importantly a mental standpoint , as a huge goal For me this year is to transition into a healthy offseason straight away with no purge/binge cycle. Feel very much in control and healthy this way  Smiley
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« Reply #1312 on: August 18, 2018, 06:45:55 PM »

Weekly update - currently sitting at 76.3kg and 2-3kg from my best shape at 9 & 13 weeks out

This week has been tough physically , definitly feel depleted and legs feeling empty. Constantly flat and sleep isnít great but mentally feel great! Just content with doing the work and looking forward to everything that this years going to bring, 1 week until the due date could be any day now! Looking forward to spending 2 weeks off work with the family and our new arrival!

Really nailed the fundamentals this week in the gym although kept that volume down a little and focused on intensity and execution!

Monday 13th aug - lower & HIIT
Squats - 170kg - 6, 160kg 8, 150kg 10, 140kg 13
Deadlift - 190kg 6, 180k 8, 170k 9, 160kg 12
Leg press - 360kg - 12,12,12
Lying leg curl 50kg 12,11,10
Donkey calf - 215kg 15,12,12
Hanging leg raise 5kg 15,12,12
15min HIIT xtrainer - l15/20 - 45s/15s X15 370kcals

This session was typical for the volume I tend to use

Wednesday 15th aug - upper

Went with a top set and down set for more variety today! Loved it!

Bench press - 120kg 6, 105kg 11
Barbell row - 120kg 8, 105kg 12
Incline db press - 47.5kg 9, 42.5kg 10
Seated barbell press - 80kg 8, 65kg 12
Pullups - +25kg 9, +10kg 12
Dips +65kg 7. , +45kg 11
High hammer row - 150kg 10, 130kg 12
Lateral raises - 27.5kg 10, 22.5kg 15
Barbell curl - 50kg 8, 40kg
Pushdowns - 57.5kg 10, 52.5kg 12
Hammer curl- 25kg 9, 20kg 12

Friday 17th August - lower & HIIT

Went with the top set and down set style for today and it was tough but very focused!

Squat 165kg 8, 145kg 14
Deadlift - 185kg 9, 165kg 11
Hack squat - 150kg 8, 130kg 11
Lying leg curl - 60kg 9, 50kg 12
Leg extension - 85kg 8, 70kg 12
Standing calf - 170kg 8, 150kg 10
Hanging leg raises - 12.5kg - 9, 7.5kg - 15
Seated calf - 80kg 9, 70kg 14
Cable crunch - 57.5kg 10, 52.5kg 14
15min HIIT xtrainer same settings as Monday but hit 374kcals

A great week of training, and exciting to see the weight progression from last time I was 76kg , more volume per session, more weight and intensity, more food and more consistency and in a better place mentally, keeping this momentum going as long as possible!

Physique wise apart from living in eternal flatness strength is up and muscle is there , upper is nearly on and glutes are coming through well, well on track! 9 weeks!

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« Reply #1313 on: August 26, 2018, 02:46:12 PM »

Weekly update

What a week!

Our boy (Joshua) arrived on Friday morning weighing 8lb 10, was a great labour and Becky did fantastic! Have some great family time to look forward to, off work for 2 weeks  Smiley

Prep is rolling on with 8 weeks to go until the UK Show, in a good place and wonít have to kill myself to get in shape with only around 2-3kg to lose.

Training this week-

Upper 20.8.18
Bench press 120kg 6, 105kg 9
Barbell row 120kg 8, 105kg 12
Incline db press 50k 8, 42.5k 10
Pullups +27.5k 8, +12.5k 12
Seated B.B. press 80k 8, 65k 12
Seated hammer high row 160k 9, 140k 12
Dips +65k 7, +45k 11
Db curls 25k 9, 20k 12
Laterals 27.5k 9, 22.5k 12
Hammer curls 25k 10, 20k 14
Skullcrushers 50k 9, 45k 11

Lower - 21.8.18
Squat 170k 5, 150k 10
Deadlift 190k 5, 170k 11
Hack squat 140k 8, 120k 12
Lying leg curl 65k 8, 50k 12
Leg extension 80k 9, 70k 12
Standing calf 170k 7, 150k 11
Cable crunch 57.5k 13, 52.5kg 17
Seated calf 80k 11, 70kg 15
Hanging leg raises +10k 12, + 5k 15
15min HIIT - Xtrainer l15/20 45s/15s X15 - 392kcals

23.8.18 - upper
Bench 125kg 5, 105kg 10
Barbell row 125kg 8, 105kg 12
Incline db 50kg 8, 42.5kg 11
Pullups +30k 7, +15kg 12
Seated B.B. press 85kg 6, 70kg 9
Db row - 65kg 8, 55kg 12
Dips +65kg 7, +45kg 11
Ez curls 50kg 8, 45kg 12
Laterals 27.5kg 9, 22.5kg 12
Hammer curls 27.5kg 8, 22.5kg 12
Skullcrushers 50kg 9, 45kg 11

26.8.18 - lower
Squat - 170kg 6, 150kg 11
Deadlift 190kg 7, 170kg 10
Leg press 400kg 8, 360kg 11
Lying leg curl 65kg 8, 50kg 12
Leg extension 80kg 10, 70kg 13
Calf press 300kg 9, 260kg 11
Hanging leg raise 12.5k 9, 7.5kg 13
Donkey calf - 225kg 10, 200kg 15
Weighted sit-up +10kg 10, +5kg 12
No HIIT as 4 sessions this week , back to 3 from tomorrow morning

Nutrition - same kcals around the 2400 mark daily
Now Iím a little busier I may have to rethink a couple of things regarding meal timing etc now all sessions will be 4:30am - may spread things out a little with 3 meals and 3 snacks, also an element of wanting to emulate my previous prep and just nail it! Stuck in my ways!

Current weight hovering around the 76kg mark ,Hams & glutes are starting to come in although blury
Maveric Matt
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« Reply #1314 on: August 27, 2018, 09:43:42 AM »

Congratulations, buddy!
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« Reply #1315 on: August 28, 2018, 02:43:13 PM »

Thanks Matt! Hope your little guy is doing good  Smiley
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« Reply #1316 on: September 02, 2018, 03:46:40 PM »

Had an amazing week off work with the family and our new arrival Joshua is doing great sleeping and eating a lot as newborns do!

Also popped the question to Becky yesterday on her birthday and we went ring shopping and spend another great day the 4 of us, real precious memories being made!

Not effecting the family atall with prep just getting it done weighing 75.3kg so lost 2lb in the last 2 weeks and feeling sharper getting fairly close now! Iím guessing around 5lb so 73kg to be completely peeled all over

3 great sessions this last week and food still at the 2400kcal mark

Monday- upper 27.8.18
4x6-8 incline db press 50kg 8,7,7,6
4x6-8 seated cable row 110kg 8,8,8,8
4x6-8 seated B.B. press 72.5kg 8,8,7,7
3x8-10 pullups +15kg 10,9,9
3x8-10 dips +50kg 10,10,8
3x8-10 db curls 22.5kg 10,9,8
3x8-10 pushdowns 45kg 12,12,10
3x8-10 laterals 20kg 12,12,12

Wednesday- lower & HIIT 29.8.18
4x6-8 squats 160kg 8,7,7,7
4x6-8 deadlift 180kg 8,8,7,7
3x8-10 hack squat 125kg 10,10,10
3x8-10 lying leg curl 50kg 10,10,10
3x8-10 calf press 140kg 12,12,12
3x8-10 hanging leg raises 10k 12,10,10
15min HIIT xtrainer

Friday - upper 31.8.18
4x6-8 bench press 110kg 8,7,7,6
4x6-8 barbell row 112.5kg 8,8,8,8
4x6-8 seated B.B. press 72.5kg 8,8,8,7
3x8-10 pullups +15kg 10,10,9
3x8-10 dips +50kg 10,10,8
3x8-10 ez curls 45kg 10,10,10
3x8-10 ez skullcrushers 45kg 10,10,8
3x8-10 ez upright row 45kg 12,10,10

Another productive week ticked off
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« Reply #1317 on: September 09, 2018, 06:28:27 PM »

Another great week off work - back to it tomorrow, amazing time with family, done loads and made some great memories.

Prep going well - 1 week until guest posing, 6 weeks until UK International, 10 until Worlds
Bodyweight down to 74.9kg - thinking somewhere around 4lb to come off in 6 weeks but sitting at 73kg for a few weeks between the 2 shows ill naturally tighten up and look slightly better come the worlds, but the plan of coarse is to be my best at the UK show.

Will have a good idea of How much weight I have to lose but really not a huge amount now

Training this week fit in 4 sessions

Mon 3.9.18 lower & HIIT
4x6 squat 165kg 6,6 160kg 6,6
4x6 deadlift 185kg 6,6,6,6
3x8 hack squat - 135kg - 8,8,8 (tough machine!)
3x8 lying leg curl 55kg 8,8,8
3x8 calf raises - 150kg 8,8,8
3x8 cable crunch 55kg - 8,8,8
15min HIIT Xtrainer level 10 45s / level 25 15s X15

Great session, enjoying the 6-8 rep range with impeccable form, really suits my strengths and the way I train

Weds 5.9.18 - upper
4x6 bench press- 112.5kg 6,6 110kg 6,6
4x6 barbell row - 115kg 6,6,6,7
4x6 seated Barbell press 80kg 6,6,6,6
3x8 pullups +20kg 8,8,7
3x8 dips +55kg 8,8,8
3x8 curls 50kg 8,8,8
3x8 skullcrushers 50kg 8,8,7
3x8 upright row 55kg 8,8,9

Felt a good pump all over and good weight moved at this stage

Repeated Mondays session on Friday and wednesdays session today with a very slight progression on both including the HIIT which I havnt done more than 2 sessions per week all prep and I think that has attributed to maintaining abit more muscle and strength and not get too depleted

The goal for the next week is another 4 sessions (mon-wed-Thur-sat) as time allows before my early shifts now I have that option to train, week after though will be just 3 sessions.
Looking to shave another pound or so this coming week before the guest spot

Still having a mild refeed/higher carb day on a Sunday, (typical offseason day of diet) which I only consume an extra 350kcals than I do right now

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« Reply #1318 on: September 10, 2018, 02:08:32 PM »

Hi Ben

Been seeing a lot of great pics of you on your Instagram lately, see you've got a log over on AJ's members site too now?
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« Reply #1319 on: September 11, 2018, 08:45:21 AM »

Hi pal! Thanks! Yeah the idea being I document my prep and People can ask questions and hopefully get something back from it
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