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Author Topic: The road to... wherever it leads  (Read 3165 times)
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Aspiring Fitness Model, Natural Bodybuilder

« on: February 26, 2014, 10:38:26 AM »

Serious training has been going full speed ahead for four weeks now. I'm lean bulking at the minute, trying to get from 160lbs to 180lbs by the end of the year. Will be having a little shred during summer time but other than that it will be all lean gains.

Diet at the moment is as follows,

Breakfast 3.30am 120g oats with mixed berries

Meal 2 - 6.30am 3 whole eggs, 2 egg whites, scrambled with beans.

Snack - 4 chocolate snack-a-jacks, pineapple chunks with 300g Greek yoghurt

Meal 3 - 120g steamed chicken with 250g pilau rice and 100g broccoli

Snack - 80g oats, 5 cheese crackers

Mid afternoon nap

Pre workout - 3 snack a jacks, banana, superpump 250

Intra-workout - Size On

Post workout - Muscle fuel shake and an apple

Evening meal - varied so long as it meets 1000 calories and fits in my macros

Snack - 100g cottage cheese

Before bed - 80g oats

Supplementing throughout the day with multivitamins, fish oils and zma before bed.

Gains thus far - 7lbs, although bodyfat has increased but I'm not worried about that.

I have finally got a training partner!!!!! Will be posting workouts soon. Next week 5x5 week!

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