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Author Topic: Finn's training shadazy  (Read 1747 times)
« on: March 11, 2010, 08:54:15 AM »

Bit of background:

spent about 6 years travelling around the world which meant my endurance was up but mucle mass down.  Trained in kyokushin and tkd.  Currently work fulltime as a teacher (adult education) and actor (film, radio and theatre) and part time as a pt and writer.  Crossfit qualified, in love with his kettlebells and movnat.  HATES gyms, prefers being coated in honey and chased by deadly african bees/having scrotum repeatedly pierced.


Get mahussive!  Kinda.  I'm sitting at 70kg now with approx 14% bf at 179cm.  I've got a theatre thing in June where I have to take my top off and beat someone up in and a short indi film in May I have to look hench-y for.  I'm also running the manchester 10k in May barefoot for charity (UNICEF) so I'd like to complete within an hour and still have all ten toes. I've always been a skinny runt so hopefully keeping a journal will help me breakout of my learned behavioural cycles.

lack of sleep!  I'm up at 0500 everyday and get to bed about midnight or just after.  This isn't down to the coke habit but just because I'm so busy all the time. I do a crap load of driving/dogging so I'm usually on the run and end up missing breakfast/eating for a whole day.  I have hypomania too so sometimes I just forget about eating.  My sexy lady has started making me packed lunches now which helps and my brother guilt trips me into gym if I pretend to be a kitteh-kat and roll around sleepy-like.

Stress! What?  Me worry?  Cortisol levels are through the roof and is evident on fat placement.  I've been reading into using vitamin c as a natural inhibitor for cortisol productiona nd will be tracking that.

Favourite exercise: cleans, squat cleans, cleaning the house.
Least favourite: mudder-fubbin-basrad pullups.  And bicep curls.

Last workout was..Tuesday 9th

Bodyweight dips (on gymnastic rings)
Squat cleans (45kg)

for time, 21-15-9 reps   20:19min.

then a 4.16k run along the river

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Getting there

« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2010, 03:23:59 PM »

Interesting account. I'll be interested to read progress.

Yes, it sounds like mainly you have to do something about lack of sleep and irregular eating. Was that a joke about the coke habit or not?

I've not heard of this link between stress and fat placement. What's that about? I'm looking for something to blame my fat placement on.

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