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Author Topic: BNBF final and Grand Prix live streaming  (Read 38086 times)
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« Reply #105 on: October 07, 2016, 02:11:24 PM »

Whether its a conspiracy or not its still a farse and a flawed system that somebody weighed in lighter and believed that was that and then ended in a heavier weight class.

A solid system with a decent basis and formula wouldnt allow this to happen.

Perhaps you should come up with a system and put it to the BNBF then if you feel there is one out there  Wink

Funny thing is, it'll never make a difference to you but is guaranteed to fcuk over people like your buddy who are on the cusp of a weight class  Grin
Damon Eaton
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Damon "The Truth" Eaton. Free Agent.

« Reply #106 on: October 07, 2016, 11:40:34 PM »

He has no issue with it but I like to point out bs when I see it somebody has to because most will not have the guts.

Im bound by no clique, no sponsor no fed no rules I can say what I want its an amazing level of freedom.

So I dont need to suggest anything I will just point out everything that I feel is bs then if people wish to change something thats up to them.
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« Reply #107 on: October 17, 2016, 03:03:39 PM »

Great show! all the classes including miss.figure were outstanding standard.

another awesome British thats for sure!

BNBF Britain results 2016

Over 70
1st David Brice
2nd Ronnie Cooney
3rd Jim Bennie
4th Michael Harrendance
5th  Ted Clifton
6th James McGhee

Over 60
1st Richard Hooley
2nd Patrick Duffey
3rd Dave Driscall
4th Alex Whelan

Over 50
1st Lazaro Almenares
2nd Rick Waters
3rd Gus Fisher
4th Roy Vaughan
5th Robert Smith
6th Mar Sleimann

Over 40
1st Paul Ennis
2nd Michael Boyle
3rd Jon Bellis
4th Chris Chapman
5th William Duthie
6th Mark Dick

Overall Master
Paul Ennis

Masters Figure
1st Dorothy Chambers
2nd kelly McCourt
3rd Zena Chatterton
4th Sarah Godwin
5th Karen McLean
=6th Alex kokkonen
=6th Marnie Fodden

1st Denis Mikov
2nd Jack Gill
3rd Kirk Robertson
4th Nicky Hardy
5th Jason McEwan
6th Ashley Healey

Miss Physique
1st Yvette Arthur
2nd Suzanne King
3rd Zoe Leeming
4th Julie Ann Rooney
5th Lauren Jackson
6th Sam Evans

1st Steven McDonald
2nd Tafara Omeje
3rd Jack Thorburn
4th Conor Moran
5th Nathan Richardson
6th Ben Golding

Miss Athletic
1st Kerri Stewart
2nd Kim Wilson
3rd Danni Terresa
4th Gemma Wood
5th Lesley Smith
6th Amie Lloyd

Novice Lightweight
1st Joshau Olagoke
2nd Ryan Howells
3rd Michael Sheun
4th Ronnie Bonsra
5th Peter Stanislav
6th Guiseppe Digati

Novice Heavy
1st ben Lloyd
2nd Tim Summergill
3rd Steven Donoghue
4th Martin Sokolev
5th Andrew Halliday
6th Miles Thornhill

Overall Novice
Ben Lloyd

1st Marcus Lee
2nd Steven Olagoke
3rd Peter Garay
4th Peter Nolan
5th Pete McDougall
6th James Melville

1st Michael Perrin
2nd Pete Batai
3rd Ajmal Khurram
4th Calum Mackay
5th Kristian Kerr
6th Alex MacKay

1st Adrian Simpson
2nd Ali Stewart
3rd Theo Golaub
4th Michael Kayan
5th Josh Williams
6th Philippe Davis

1st Patrice Anglin
2nd Danni Carr
3rd Rosie Tarbuck
4th Katie Smeathers
5th Rachael Owen
6th Gemma Toner

Overall Figure
Patrice Anglin

Overall Male
Michael Perrin

Best Wheels
Marcus Lee
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