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Author Topic: Ben Howard, WNBF Pro  (Read 18903 times)
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« Reply #15 on: December 21, 2016, 11:32:20 AM »

Fantastic, nice and simple. Thanks for the response.
Thank you for the kind words!  Smiley

I like to have a set "base" diet plan that I use consistently. I guess I'm kinda in between the two approaches. I fully understand the flexibility dieting approach and tracking macros is apart of your overall knowledge in this game, so I know my pro-carb-fat-calorie intake just because Iv been doing his a few years now, but for convinence I like to have 3 main meals and 3 shakes per day, kinda eat like a normal person - breakfast/lunch/dinner and fill the gaps with the shakes

So all I would do for a contest is take my base diet and start slowly shaving away at the carb sources to lower calories , that along with no occasional Cheat meals that I have in the offseason, brings in the condition

A typical day - (I measure my servings and they change due to my goals)

Breakfast- eggs-oats-berries-honey-multivitamin
Mid am - MRP shake - (I use bulkpowders informed mass)
Lunch- chicken-rice-salad-oil
Mid PM (or Pwo) - MRP
Dinner- steak or salmon-potato-vegetables-multivitamin
Before bed- MRP

I make sure I drink 1 gallon water daily and take a good multivitamin , I reccomend bulkpowders AM/PM

Hope that answers your question -
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