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Author Topic: how did you...and maybe i could try  (Read 8495 times)
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« Reply #15 on: December 11, 2016, 11:25:27 PM »

Regarding the need for a personal trainer, I wouldn't say so but everyone is different and many people often see some benefit in hiring a knowledgeable 'other'.

Why not? Well, if you're dieting for a show I think the onus and challenge is a personal one in terms of coming to know your own body. No one can tell you how things work for you or indeed properly gauge how and when to make important adjustments. For me, this is down to trial, error and some serious study of dietetics, how refinements of nutrition affect your own metabolism in relation to a particular training protocol. At the level of competition, I don't believe it's possible for anyone to come in properly peeled if they're not doing it themselves. You just have to live it, understand and learn what works for you as a individual, and moreover how to adapt over time as the body changes with age and lifestyle. For sure, it's not easy but the best counsel is surely your own which shouldn't preclude, where necessary, asking for advice but should rely more heavily on your own experience and 'know how'. I wouldn't ever hire a PT, either for training guidance or nutritional advice.

This is bang on in my opinion, it's such a heuristic process that no external person can ever know where that sweet spot is for fatigue and hunger quite as well as the athlete can. IMO for things like technique based sports it's vital and strength sports the programming element is vital. For the act of getting into competitive lean condition it's really as simple as making the mistakes and adjusting to the job at hand.
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