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Author Topic: SFN Expo Attendees, I need YOU! :D  (Read 2148 times)
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« on: July 03, 2017, 10:38:09 PM »

Hi everyone!

I'm Cristina, a 23 years-old Masters' student in International Events Management in Glasgow and I am really fond of fitness (see my fitness account on Instagram:@tina_fitt).

I am a French fitness girl, with Portuguese origins and I started practicing Fitness in 2015 with YouTube videos at home ^^ I have been going to the gym since last september (University gym) and I am absolutely addicted now! I do my own workouts but I also go to classes (Bodypump, Metafit, Pilates, Zumba...) Gym is like my second home! aha =)

I am glad to be part of that forum now!

Also, I would need your help guys cause I am currently carrying out research on "The Role of Events in Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle", by comparing two main Fitness events: The SFN Expo in Glasgow and the Body Fitness in Paris. This is predominantly targeted towards fitness practitioners and people that attended the SFN Expo in Glasgow. I would need from 15 to 20 respondents, ideally ^^.

Here is the link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1CFC-vrt64LVah_W3rxDD3XD-iLKSqEekhP1JVxgLpY8/edit

The aim of this questionnaire is to understand the motivations of people to attend this event and to analyse the impact of fitness events on peoples' lifestyles (starting bodybuilding, trying a new sport, changing or maintaining a diet etc.).

Responses will be used solely for this project and will remain anonymous, no information will be transferred to third parties.

Conditions to be part of the respondents:
- Having already attended the SFN Expo and/or the Body Fitness
- Practicing Fitness or other sports
- Be involved in the Fitness Industry (directly or indirectly)

You have the right to ask for a feedback regarding the results of this research.

You can change your mind and decide not to take part at any time. If you decide to stop, you do not have to give any reasons for your decision, and you will not be placed at any disadvantage whatsoever.

If you have any other request regarding this questionnaire, please feel free to contact me by email at: cnasci200@caledonian.ac.uk

Thank you very much for your precious participation!

Bodybuilding love,

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