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Author Topic: My 3 months Fitness Body Transformation from Fat to Fit - 14 lbs  (Read 1942 times)
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« on: September 30, 2017, 05:03:51 PM »

Hello Guys,

You will find below a video showing the results of my 3 months Program which consisted of an increase of the metabolism firstly and then a cut.
This Video highlights the details of my 3 months Program:


•   Weekly pictures showing the evolution
•   Macros of the Diet
•   Working out Program

A little bit of background on myself: I have been working out quite regularly for couple years now (Gym, cardio, bodyweight) but not very seriously and with no strict diet.
I tried last year a cut with a low carbs diet, which was a complete disaster as it crashed my metabolism. This is when I started to really dig into nutrition, metabolism, and working out in order to have a better understanding of my metabolism. I have read a lot of articles, forum... and watched a lot of videos.

Thanks to all of you guys, and all the knowledge you have been sharing, I now have a way better understanding of the human body as well as the fat loss process.
I have learned a lot through during these 3 months, and I want to share with you guys, my mistakes, my fails, as well as the stuff which worked well.

That being said, I still want to grow and keep learning, so if you have any comments/regards on any aspects of the program, please share your knowledge with us, so we can all learn from it.

Few details on the diet:

Week 1:
Weight: 178 Calories: 2400 - Carbs: 200 – Fat: 90 – Prot: 200

Week 3:
Weight: 173.50 Calories: 2800 - Carbs: 340 – Fat: 80 – Prot: 180

Week 5:
Weight: 171.80 Calories: 2600 - Carbs: 355 – Fat: 60 – Prot: 160

Week 8:
Weight: 170.50 Calories: 2800 - Carbs: 365 – Fat: 48 – Prot: 175

Week 10:
Weight: 167.34 Calories: 2400 - Carbs: 330 – Fat: 45 – Prot: 172

Week 14:
Weight: 164.64 Calories: 2300 - Carbs: 316 – Fat: 43 – Prot: 160

As you can see, I took my time to reduce calories between week 5 to 8, coz even though my weight was not going down quickly , I was pushing more at the gym and I was seeing myself losing fat slowly but consistently.

I am currently on a new 12 weeks diet (created based on the lessons learned from the previous one), with the ultimate goal of reaching the 11/12% body fat. I will share as well this journey with you guys, and make pictures and videos about this new transformation, even if I fail and don’t reach it, so we could learn from the mistakes I made.

What are your thoughts about this first journey?
Here are mine

Gym & Workouts: I believe the daily cardio of 400 calories was too much and it was taking a lot of my energy. It is a good way to create a calorie deficit, nevertheless, I think the body reacts way better to a drop of calories when you reach a certain point. In other words, my body was reacting better to lose fat, if I was eating 100 calories less than if I was adding a session of cardio of 100 calories.

Did cardio make me lose Muscle? Personally, It didn’t for me, I started to push less at the gym only on the week 13 which is probably explained by the length of the diet.
However, the gym and cardio was very intense and I think too intense, compared to the results. I started to have pain in joint on the knee and on the elbow, especially at the end of the diet, when I was very tired.

On my new journey, I am currently on a Push/Leg/Pull/day off cycle and its way better for me (A day off after 3 days of work out).

Diet: I think my Fat was too low, and might explained some of my problem in joint. So I am currently back on 60+ fat and better FAT.

In term of performance, I haven’t lost any. Few weeks after the end of the diet, I was pushing even more. In term of bodyweight exercise, the difference is absolutely crazy. For instance, before diet, I was able to do roughly 10/15 pulls up, now I can do 25+. Pushups now above 100+.

Thanks again for your time guys, if you have any comments or way of improvement, please do not hesitate!
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