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Author Topic: Unsure in which direction to go  (Read 1532 times)
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« on: December 07, 2017, 07:34:43 PM »

Hi all, im hoping you guys can help advise me on which direction to go in regards my training i thought this would be a good place to post as BB forums are full of bro scientists and i am natty so want to get some proper advice, first some background info and where i am currently at.

I am 26, 5 ft 10 and Training around 2 years, alot of messing around in that time failed cuts and dirty bulking lol have spent alot of time learning the science and a big follower of mike israetel, brad schoenfeld, eric helms ect and through trial and error feel fairly confident in where i am at today and i have made a lot of progress, but i am at a bit of a crossroads in regards where i can go next and do struggle in regards to making decisions with my own body as i have no one to bounce ideas off. I know pictures would be more helpful if really need be i can get some but hoping its not needed as im not exactly where id like to be physique wise.

Currently i am finishing up a 4 week mini cut week 4 of 4, estimating around 16-17% bodyfat, started 172lbs and finishing around 165lbs, went from 2500cals mainenance to around 1600cals, cut twice in my mini cut as i felt i underestimated the deficit and my weight tends to stall alot so i generally need to keep making adjustments as time goes on so at the start and as its only 4 week minicut wanted slightly more aggressive fat loss, now my issue is im still not at where i want to be i still have fat around my mid section, top abs just about show but lower back, chest and stomach still need to come off id say 5-7lbs more and id be fairly lean (not shredded). I originally planned to take a maintenance through christmas and enjoy it a bit, then i have a trip in february to poland so i was going to go for another 3-4 week minicut in january to finish up the fatloss but in regards to my current macros i feel that may not be an option now as im currently on 1600cals a day and its fairly low and tbh im miserible and not sure if its due to the stressful 4 weeks and hormones, i love my food and im a big carb guy, currently on 190p 150c and 35f and i am reluctant to drop anymore at this stage due to muscle loss and general well being, on a regular cut i would not take this an aggressive approach as said simply a quick 4 weeks.

i feel now it may be more productive to take a 8 week mass phase and try to gain some more muscle before diving back into another minicut as my calories are already so low i dont want to jump back into misery in january at 1600cals, as i tend to plateau and have to drop more so if i can gain some more muscle ill have a higher starting point? as this should increase my maintenace even by a small amount, But i am afraid of getting TOO fat and ending up in the same place over again as i am now with some fat coming off but not as much as id like, the end goal is to gain as much size as i can and  not be shredded year round.

i guess a little body dysmorphia does play into this but my issue is not i dont want to cut more its simply my calories are so low to lose weight.

any advice in which direction to take this would be great thanks alot for reading and if you need pictures or they would help just let me know!

x4 weight sessions
x4 LISS 30min each
1600cals roughly
190p 150c 35f
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