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Author Topic: Repman's 'Age is no Barrier' diary  (Read 1934 times)
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« on: January 05, 2018, 02:44:45 AM »

Hi, welcome to my journal.
I'm keeping this journal to use fundamentally as my diary. I figure that if I log my gym work it will keep me motivated as I journey into my fifties( Shocked).

I've been training constantly for over thirty years mostly as a bodybuilder but with some strength work here and there. Never competed but I'm happy with the physique I achieved, especially in my 'peak' years of 35-45. Now I train to maintain my strength and more importantly to ward off any forthcoming injuries which may affect me as I age. I've recently been afflicted by arthritis in my knees which has knocked me off my beaten track as regards training. Squats, extensions and also certain back work such as deadlifts are now confined to distant memory, however I do improvise. I've found that high reps are the best thing for me these days, so don't expect too much in the way of startling lifts - as long as I'm keeping fit and active, I'm happy with that.

My training programme varies due to time (I work permanent nights) and have little time left during the day, but as long as I'm fitting in 3-4 1-hour sessions per week that is okay by me. I'll post the first of my routines in my next post.

Repman Cool

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« Reply #1 on: January 05, 2018, 02:47:35 AM »

Okay then, just to get something started in here, here's yesterday's session:

Wednesday 3 Jan 18 - Legs

Incline press:
50x150, 20x200, 15x250

Sled press:
60x120, 25x160, 10x200

Bad girls:
30x60, 23x60, 14x60

Good girls:
32x60, 16x60, 10x60

Ham curls, seated:
25x50, 10x60, 5x65

Despite the increase in poundage, that took me very little time, so I added a couple of extra arm exercises:

Seated concentration DB curls, alt.:
12x12.5, 10x15, 6x15

E-Z preacher curls:
12x33, 12x30.5, 12x28, 15x23, 25x18
*This was a nice change. I started off with quite a heavy-ish weight and gradually removed the weights until I was lifting very light bar but increasing the reps on each as I did so. The last set of just 18kgs felt like it weighed a ton by the end of all those!

Time: 50 mins.

Thanks for reading Smiley
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« Reply #2 on: January 05, 2018, 07:46:46 PM »

Back with a run of the mill chest/triceps session this afternoon. Iíve decided on a 5-set routine from now on as I think this will work pretty well as it encompasses all my goals: Light/Moderate/Heavy/Max/High Reps. Everything went very well today so I think Iíll be sticking with this format for the foreseeable future.

Friday 5 Jan 18 Ė Chest/triceps
Bench press:
20x40, 12x50, 10x60, 6x70, 25x30
*The last set was done on the Smith machine as itís more stable for doing all-out bonkers manic high reps.

DB press, incline bench:
6x24, 6x26, 6x28, 4x30, 12x20

Chest press:
12x40, 12x50, 12x60, 6x75, 25x30

Pec dec:
12x50, 10x60, 6x65, 6x70, 20x40

Fwd. delt fly:
20x50, 18x65, 15x80, 12x95, 25x50

Tricep extensions:
12x40, 12x50, 12x60, 8x70, 20x35

Time: 1 hour.
Thanks for reading Smiley
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« Reply #3 on: January 06, 2018, 05:41:24 PM »

Back and biceps today and plenty of time to fit everything in, in fact I was looking for more work after my proposed routine so I added another three exercises. Because of this Iíll be upping some of the weights for next time.

Saturday 6 Jan 18 Ė Back, biceps.
Lat pulldown, hammer bar:
12x40, 12x50, 10x60, 6x70, 30x30

Lat pulldown, underarm c/g:
12x40, 12x50, 10x60, 6x70, 30x30

Machine curls, alt.:
6x30, 6x35, 6x40, 6x50, 12x25

DB concentration curl, alt.:
8x14, 8x16, 6x18

E-Z preacher curl, low pull, c/g:
6x28, 6x33, 6x38, 5x43, 25x18

Single arm low row, alt.:
10x70, 10x80, 6x90

Cable curl, alt.:
10x23, 8x29, 15x17

Ab crunch:
20x45, 20x45, 20x45

DB hammer curl, alt.:
6x16, 6x18

DB Fly, incline bench:
6x14ís, 6x14ís, 6x14ís

Time: 1hr. 15mins.
Thanks for reading Smiley
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