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Author Topic: Beginner 41 years - strange work pattern  (Read 1208 times)
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« on: April 10, 2018, 05:32:08 PM »

 I am looking for some help and advice in terms of the best workout plan for a 41year old beginner!

Before I go on, I will list the limitations I have.....

I work 4 x 12 hour shifts (days / nights) then have 4 days off.

Eating is an issue, I think I have sat down to 10 meals at work in 2 years, usually eating on the go (as is typical in response policing). the only place to store food is in my bag in my vehicle (which soon warms up driving around!). Taking meals into work pre-cooked usually results in them being half eaten or untouched owing to workloads.

The gym is mainly machines and dumbells / kettlebells. there are no barbells / smith machines.

Here is where I am at.....

I have gone from 16.5 to 13.10stone in the last year by cutting out snacks / quick hit food on the go, sometimes I don't eat for 10 hours.

I have been wanting to start a body transformation for some time and have been waiting for the right time, well, it never came! It is now or never. I have lost the fat / weight so far but now I am decidedly slimmer, I have no tone / shoulders / chest or anything. I really want to start at the end of this month and I have set myself an initial 1 year plan to look and feel much better. My decision is spurred on by seeing a transformation on a female family friend and the confidence gained / better lifestyle etc. I last trained 20 years ago for football but this was mainly CV work and light weights.

I am keen for advice on the following aspects if possible:

Diet (I was thinking meal first thing before work, then protein shakes / bars throughout the day followed by meals after work)

Supplements - protein shakes? Creatine? what works

Training plan to cater for my shift pattern and gym. I can obviously train my 4 days off and on my 4 shifts in, I can train on the 3rd day for an hour before moving onto nightshift the same day.

Can anyone offer any advice?


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