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Author Topic: Everyone's Juiced for a Workout.  (Read 866 times)
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« on: July 28, 2018, 09:41:59 AM »

I was amazed recently when walking round my local mega sized supermarket, at how many energy/pre sport/ workout drinks were available. The market now is huge and millions of none sports people chugg down these drinks to get them through a days work or through the nights partying.
Seeing them reminded me of a product called Ultimate Orange from the late 80's and into the 90's. It was formulated by a guy called Dan Duchaine based in California. He was highly rated by many of the top guys of the era out west as the go to man for his knowledge of steroids in every sense of the word. I guess you could say he had a chemists knowledge of the formulations, effects and doseages of steroids. He used to mix up his own home made roids in bathtubs and sell them on.
Anyhow he also formulated a product called Ultimate Orange, which was the first pre-workout drink to really take off for both bodybuilders and sports folk in the know at the time. I visited California at least once a month back then and was introduced to Ultimate Orange by a guy at World Gym in Main Street, Santa Monica.
I had never ever tried any form of wacky baccy, Purple Hearts, or that kind of thing and I remember the first time I had a drink of Ultimate Orange pre-workout I thought I was floating through the workout and could lift anything in the gym including the machines. It was mind blowing stuff to me. I bought a couple of tins back to the UK and let a couple of mates try it. They were amazed at how easy training seemed when they took it.
You have to remember that back then many of us were completely unaware of what the listed ingredients were, and couldn't even pronounce most of them.
One of my mates, Warren who was an amature footballer had a big semi-final match coming up, and asked me if I knew of anything that could give the lads a bit of extra energy for the game. You have to bear in mind I had no idea that any of the ingredients of Ultimate Orange were illegal. So I got the team two tins of Ultimate Orange and I did warn Warren to just stick to the recommended dose on the tins label.
I was away on a trip when they played their match, arriving three days after the game. I phoned Warren to find out how they did, and he practically exploded over the phone --------- " Oh god it was brilliant, were slaughtered them, we ran them off the park." Warren was babbling on and on I could hardly get a word in. I realised he was not his normal self, " what is in that stuff, he screamed down the phone.
I calmed him down a bit, asked how much of it they took, " well, he said, we had two scoops each before we went on and another three scoops each at half time!"........ " But that's almost three times more than the recommended, and all in ninety minutes Warren, is everyone ok, no one sick, or dead ? I asked hesitantly.
" No mate, we were all brill, in fact we stayed on the pitch kicking the ball about between ourselves for ages after the match finished, we didn't want to stop playing."" And guess what Johnny, we all took some more before we went up the clubs that night, we ain't stopped partying for two days, Jonny mate you gotta get us more of that stuff!"
I was so nervous about one of them snuffing it due to a heart attack, or trying to lift up a London bus or something just as daft, that I never did get any more Ultimate Orange.
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