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Author Topic: Hello Vodkafan here anyone remember me?  (Read 747 times)
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« on: September 08, 2018, 07:43:26 PM »

Hi guys and girls.
I have been off the forum for some years. I was trying hard to train back then but got ill.  I started having problems with my kidneys about 5 years ago now, I have only 30% of my kidney function left. But that is stable. But I always had some symptoms that didn't fit with the kidney thing and now looks likely that I have a genetic potassium disorder called HKPP. I must have had it all my life but it sometimes does not show up until after 50's.
Basically it affects every cell in the body but especially in the muscle cells, the potassium won't go out into the muscle to activate it. It is NOTHING to do with not having enough potassium.
It causes bouts of muscle weakness and eventually the body gets "exercise resistant" because it tries to maintain equilibrium.
I have progressively got weaker by degrees which to be honest has frightened me very much lately.  I have got to a very low point where I hardly have the strength to get through my normal days work, I have had a lot of time off and I feel I am at a crossroads now. I don't want to end up in a wheelchair and so I have decided to fight it.
I have started back at the gym, on a very modest program. This is truly "use it or lose it" in earnest.
I cannot do very much at one time, and my body does not recover as quickly as it should, and I am tired and in pain every day.  Doing too much is also dangerous as it can trigger an attack.
But, hey ho!
I am still alive so that's always good.
I hope to chat with you all again soon.
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