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Author Topic: 2019 NPA SE  (Read 56 times)
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"I get knocked down but I get up again".

« on: July 20, 2019, 01:04:48 PM »

Toned Figure Over 40's
1. Elmira Robinson

Masters Over 60's
1.Peter Kay

Trained Figures Over 40's
1.Sue King

1.Ismail Anwar
2.Joshua Sykes

Toned Figure
1. Katrina Robinson
2. Betsy Green
3. Georgina Hodson
4. Sarah Butler

.Men's Middleweights under 78kg
1.Mark Spinks

Masters Over 40's
1. Matthew Hall

Men's Lightweights Under 78kg
1  David Hodson

Men's Heavyweights 78kg+
1. Gaston Barcena
2. Scott Jezzard

Ladies Bodybuilding
1. Gina Gardiner

Masters Over 50's
1. Nigel Atkinson
2. Elicos Elias
3. Courtney Smith
4. Adrian Hampton
5. Stephen Ferguson
6. Shawn Greenfield

Overall Champion and Best Presentation Winner
Mark Spinks

Overall Women's Champion
Gina Gardiner
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