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Toby lives in Helston, Cornwall, which is apparently the birthplace of Bob Fiztsimmons, first British born Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World. Toby has boxed on and off from age 16 until 33 and lifted weights occasionally, but has used weights properly for just six years.

When asked what first interested him in bodybuilding, he says: "I always admired Arnold obviously, but was a big fan of the 80's (Haney etc) but I did not know there was a natural side, so never considered it was something I could do myself. After quitting boxing I found it hard to train without a goal in sight. I cannot just train for the sake of it, and I watched a DVD documentary called 'I Want To Look Like That Guy', and that was when I learned of the natural aspect of the sport. I saw that a normal guy could do it if he worked hard enough, so decided to give it a go."

Toby has competed in the NPA Southwest 2011 and placed 3rd in the Lightweights with a British Finals invite. In 2012 he competed in the NPA South West and South East as a Middleweight and placed 3rd in both. Although he admits he has not yet lived up to his full potential. Toby's future goals are to win a regional title and be a staple of the NPA Finals. He adds: "I do not think I can ever win the British title, that is above my level, but to be around the top 3 or 4 at the finals and occasional regional titles is what I am looking for."

Outside the gym, Toby is a single dad to three children, one of whom has special needs. "I spend my time balancing a regional newspaper that I own and looking after the kids. Bodybuilding prep and all of that does not leave a lot of time for any other hobbies!"